The Best Betta Fish Tanks (2022)

The Best Betta Fish Tanks

Bettas are a great pet for anyone looking for an attractive and low-maintenance animal.

These small fish have beautiful flowing fins, and come in a variety of gorgeous colors.

But while betta fish are fairly simple to care for, there are some crucial things that you need to do to make sure your betta fish stay happy and healthy.

If you don’t look after betta fish carefully, they could become unhealthy or even die.

One of the most important things you need for your betta fish is the right tank.

Choosing a tank with the proper proportions and everything your fish need will ensure they live a long and happy life.

If you’re struggling to find the right tank, don’t worry.

We’ve done the legwork for you, and compiled the best betta fish tanks out there.

You can take a look at what makes these tanks so great, as well as some things that could be better.

Not only that, but we’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide so you know what to look out for, as well as an FAQ section to answer any questions you may have.

Best Aquariums for Betta Fish

Below are our favorite fish tanks for keeping betta fish.

1. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

Tetra Crescent aquarium Kit 5 Gallons, Curved-Front Tank With LEDs,black

This simple and easy to assemble aquarium kit is perfect for anyone interested in getting a single betta to care for.

Although this tank may seem basic at first glance, there’s a lot going for this aquarium kit under the surface.

As the name suggests, the Tetra Crescent features a large acrylic pane that makes up most of the front.

This makes it easy to see inside the tank, without any corners of warping blocking your view.

The design of this tank means there is plenty of room for a single fish, without making it too large to fit anywhere.

This 5-gallon tank is the perfect size for anywhere in your home, from bedrooms to living rooms.

With its energy-efficient LED light bulbs, you don’t have to worry about the tank overheating or using all your power.

These bright lights keep your tank lit up, but are hidden under the black cover to avoid them being intrusive.

Not only that, but this kit includes a filter for the aquarium, making it easy to care for your betta even if you’re less experienced.

What We Like

  • The curved design gives you the perfect view to see your betta. With few seams and wide front panes, you don’t have to worry about any obstructions.
  • The energy-efficient LEDs keep your tank illuminated while staying out of sight.
  • This aquarium kit comes with a filter, making it perfect for beginners looking to house their first betta.

What Could Be Better

  • The small size means you can only have one betta without any other fish.
  • There also isn’t any room for large hides or decorations.

2. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Marina LED Aquarium Kit, 10 gallon

The Marina LED Aquarium Kit boasts that it has everything you need to set up a tank for your fish.

There isn’t a lie in sight, however, and this great tank comes with everything you need to house your betta fish.

You can choose from three different sizes depending on the space in your home and how many fish you want to keep.

While a 5-gallon tank is only suitable for one fish, the larger 10- and 20-gallon tanks are capable of holding other fish alongside your betta.

You shouldn’t keep more than one betta in a tank, so make sure not to house multiple bettas together regardless of tank size.

Bettas may also bully other fish, so do your research beforehand to see what fish you can keep with bettas (and how many you’ll need to have).

This aquarium kit comes with an Aquarium Care Guide, which will help you set up your tank properly.

It will also help you with maintaining your tank, and walk you through what you should do to keep your betta fish healthy.

Top it off with an included filter and LED lights that mimic natural sunlight, and this is the perfect tank for anyone looking to house a new fish.

What We Like

  • Even the larger models are quiet and don’t take up too much space, despite their powerful filter.
  • With sizes ranging from 5 gallons up to 20 gallons, this tank is great for individual bettas, or for keeping shoals of small fish to accompany the betta.
  • The Aquarium Care Guide and quick-change filter cartridges make maintaining this tank easy and simple.

What Could Be Better

  • The LEDs may not be strong enough to get past solid decorations or plants, leaving parts of the tank in darkness.
  • Its bulky filter is fully visible and can be an eyesore. It also doesn’t have a 3-stage filtering process.

3. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

Fluval SPEC Aquarium Kit, Aquarium with LED Lighting and 3-Stage Filtration System, 5-Gallon

If you’re searching for a contemporary-looking aquarium that balances a sleek appearance with great functionality, then this is the tank for you.

While only available as a 5-gallon tank, the Fluval Spec V is the perfect aquarium kit for both amateur and veteran betta fish owners.

With its etched glass and aluminum trim, this tank looks classy.

It also means you can see everything your betta is doing.

This is helped further by the 37 LED lights illuminating the tank.

The powerful pump is remarkably quiet, while the 3-stage filter works to keep your tank clean.

There is plenty of room for any decorations or plants you want to add to the aquarium, while the porous foam block and BoiMax rings help regulate the water.

Just bear in mind that the circulation pump may be too strong for betta fish, so make sure to adjust this beforehand. 

What We Like

  • 3-stage filtering keeps your tank free from dirt and mess.
  • The powerful pump and lights keep your tank running at its full potential.
  • There is a separate chamber for the filter, and space to add a stick heater if necessary.

What Could Be Better

  • The pump can actually be too strong, putting your fish at risk. You can fix this by adding a pre-filter sponge to reduce the power, or by adjusting the pump’s nozzle.
  • You’re limited to a 5-gallon tank, with no larger options.

4. Marineland Portrait LED Aquarium Kit

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit, 5 Gallons, Hidden Filtration,Black

While the Marineland Portrait only holds 5 gallons, its interesting dimensions make the most of the available space.

Opting for a more vertical tank as opposed to a wider one, this gives your betta fish plenty of room to explore vertically instead of just swimming in circles all day.

But while most aquariums have a covered top, the Marineland Portrait Aquarium Kit features a transparent roof with a solid back.

This thin back panel hides the filter and the pump, keeping them out of sight so you can see everything in your tank clearly.

The hinged LED lights on the top create a shimmering sunlight effect.

You’re also able to switch the lights between white and blue.

This casts either a sunlight or moonlight aura on the water, depending on your preference.

Something to bear in mind if you’re considering this tank is how the space is used, as there is fairly little lateral space for your betta fish to move around.

This makes decorations less advisable, as they limit the room your betta can move in.

If you’re going to use decorations or plants, try to use a tall thin one that can go in the center or in a corner; this will give your betta plenty of space.

What We Like

  • The Marineland Portrait’s design makes it easy to see your betta from all angles, with its clear and accessible top.
  • A low-profile hinged light cover doesn’t interfere with the bright lights that can alternate between white and blue for different effects.
  • Its height lets your betta make the most of vertical space, without sacrificing too much width or length.

What Could Be Better

  • It can be difficult to access the filter hidden in the back panel, making it a pain to clean and change.
  • You also only have so much space to work with, and you may have to leave decorations or hides to a minimum.

5. Fluval Hagen HG Flex Aquarium

Fluval Flex 15 Aquarium Kit - Fish Tank for Fish & Plants - Comes with LED Lights, Filtration System & More - 16' x 15' x 15' - 57 L, 15 Gal. - Black

This large, 15-gallon tank has plenty of space for housing either a single betta, or a betta with other fish.

The Fluval Hagen HG Flex’s large capacity makes sure there is plenty of room for your betta fish to move around freely.

Unlike the other tanks on this list, this aquarium comes fully equipped and ready to go.

With a strong pump built into the tank’s hood, and a 3-stage filter ready to keep your water clean, this aquarium is easy for fish owners of all skill levels to maintain.

The design also features a curved front, which gives your fish more space while giving the appearance of a larger tank.

This tank has a total of 54 LED lights to brighten up the interior.

You’ll notice that 48 of these are bright white LEDs, while the remaining 6 are adjustable RGB lights that can illuminate the tank in over 80 different hues.

What’s more, you can choose from a selection of special effects and cycles, from cloud cover to storm effects.

With so many options available, this is definitely one of the most versatile tanks you can get for a betta fish.

What We Like

  • The adjustable RGB lights can give your tank endless colors and effects.
  • With a curved front pane and a back panel that hides the pump and filter, your betta has the largest possible space to swim in any direction.
  • Control the lights, water flow, and more using the infrared remote control.

What Could Be Better

  • Because the filter and pump are behind a panel at the back, this reduces the total interior space below 15 gallons.
  • You’re unable to see through the top of the tank due to the opaque black cover.

What To Consider Before Buying A Betta Fish Tank

So now you’ve been able to look at some of the best betta fish tanks out there.

While all of these are great options for both beginner and veteran fish owners alike, there are a few things everyone should consider when looking for a tank for their betta fish (whether one of these or a different model).

Here are some things to look out for.

Size is important when choosing a tank.

Betta fish require a minimum of 3 gallons to stay healthy, and the bigger the tank the better.

None of the tanks on this list are smaller than 5 gallons, though you may want to get a bigger tank.

Whether this is to house more fish, or just to give your betta more room, make sure you get the right size of tank.

The tanks also need to function appropriately.

Filters and pumps are crucial to keeping the water clean, and you will also need lights to illuminate the interior.

If your tank doesn’t have a filter included, you’ll need to find a suitable one in addition to the tank.

Some pumps may also be too strong or weak for your bettas, so check whether the pump is appropriate beforehand.

While not entirely necessary for taking care of your betta fish, you may want to include certain optional features in your tank.

These can range from a space for a heat stick (like in the Fluval Spec V), to fully controllable light displays (such as the Hagen HG Flex’s RGB lighting and weather effects).

Getting a tank with interesting and fun features won’t always improve your betta fish’s quality of life, but can be a great way to liven up your aquarium.

Appearance also plays a large role in the perfect betta fish tank.

Not only do you want the tank to look good, you also want to be able to see inside properly.

Models like the Tetra Crescent and the Marineworld Portrait have large, crystal-clear panes that let you see the entire interior of your tank.

Not only does this let you keep an eye on your fish, but it also means you can spot issues within the tank (such as a buildup of dirt, or poor water quality).

Being able to see inside your betta fish tank lets you monitor your fish and your tank to avoid any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Assemble My Betta Fish Tank?

Some tanks will come already assembled and ready to go, with any assembly being limited to putting the lid on and switching the pump on. 

Meanwhile, other aquarium kits require you to set it up yourself before you can move your fish in.

This could involve setting up the filter system to maintain the water quality, or fully assembling the tank’s exterior.

The level of assembly required depends on which model you choose, so make sure you check beforehand to avoid any surprises.

What Do I Need In My Betta Fish Tank?

While betta fish are reasonably low-maintenance, there are still certain things you need for your tank to keep your fish in top condition.

Make sure you keep the water in your betta’s tank around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping your tank out of direct sunlight and away from drafts.

If your tank needs to be heated, consider getting a tank with options for installing a heater (for example, the Fluval Spec V has space for a stick heater).

You also need to maintain the water quality, using a strong and effective filter.

Aquarium kits typically come with a filter, but not all will.

How Big Should My Tank Be If I Have Multiple Fish?

As mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t keep more than one betta fish in a single tank.

Betta fish need a minimum of 3 gallons to live in, though having more room will improve their quality of life.

If your tank is big enough, you can keep other species of fish in the same tank as your betta. However, betta fish will bully smaller, solitary fish.

Therefore, you will need to keep a small shoal (usually around 5 or 6) of these other fish so the betta will leave them alone.

Depending on what type of fish you mix with your betta, you may need a lot more space.

However, smaller fish can coexist in a tank with a betta fish if you give them a minimum of 15-20 gallons.

Final Thoughts

So now you know some of the best betta fish tanks, as well as things to look out for and the answers to some common questions.

Now all that’s left for you to do is get out there and find the perfect betta fish tank for you. 

Whether you choose one of the great tanks on this list, or a different choice entirely, looking after your betta properly will help them live a long and happy life.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced fish owner or just starting out – as long as you maintain and care for them, all of these tanks are ideal for betta fish.

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